The Wonderland Team

We are a growing team of caring professionals with a wide range of skills and experience from many walks of life and different backgrounds. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you at Wonderland.

Roop Singh & Nikita Dalmia

Team Leader and Staffing Officer

Long-time care workers Roop and Nikita bring fun and energy to Wonderland Retreat. Roop’s capacity to enthuse the team and encourage participants to live their life to the fullest together with Nikita’s practical ‘can do – we’ll fix that now’ attitude for the day-to-day activities of Wonderland make them wonderful team leaders. Roop and Nikita have been working at Wonderland for 3.5 years and ooze hospitality and a welcome to all.

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Jess Saunders

Intake and Bookings Officer

Jess comes to us with a strong background in hotel management administration so she is an ideal person to book in new and existing participants for retreats and in-home care as well as community access services! Jess is kind, loves kids and treats everyone who comes to Wonderland with care and respect. Contact Jess to book in your young person for our range of services.

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Amy Smith

Client Care Officer

Amy comes from a strong background in care support and has moved into the Client Care Position providing that extra support to participants and staff in ensuring our participants are well supported. Welcome to the team Amy. Whether it’s helping you buy some needed clothes, find a craft group or gym or help with your pet rabbit Amy is able to provide that extra support.

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Joanne Stone

Activities Officer

Joanne is the epitome of happiness and fun itself. Jo comes to Wonderland from an administration and employment services background but has worked closely with those with barriers to employment. The Activities Officer position looks to find meaningful and fun activities for our participants to enjoy and grow through by planning weekend adventures and midweek pastimes to build confidence and ways to earn extra dollars. Welcome Jo.

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Nikita Longstaff & Daniel Jordan

Housekeeping & Facilities Officer

Nikita: I worked in pharmacy and retail since leaving school, was a stay-at-home mum to my 2 kids and now have entered back into the workforce. I love helping people in any way I can and absolutely love working at Wonderland and learning something new every day. 

Daniel: I’ve had a real change of career from working as a boilermaker to providing support to the Wonderland gang for facilities and maintenance which includes ensuring all the vehicles are working well. It’s been an adventure!

Maddy Gunawardena

Compliance Officer

Maddy’s background in Operational Management, her clear thinking, and her instant turnaround of any job makes her an ideal special projects officer! Maddy assists with HR, Policies & Procedures, and general compliance issues and is always willing to take on a challenge.

Ashleigh Davis

HR Officer

Ash has been with Wonderland for a long time – she is our senior administrator and supports all our staff and also manages the financial aspects of staffing/wages/pays and claims from NDIS.

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Meenu Sharma

Finance Officer/Care Worker

Meena is very versatile and is working in care work, cleaning, and finance for Wonderland. Originally from India Meenu has completed her Diploma in Community Services and has completed a placement with Wonderland.

Allan & Dorothy Richard

Senior Care Workers

Allan and Dorothy are seasoned disability support workers who have worked with kids in schools and the elderly in aged care facilities. This dynamic duo adds a wonderful influence to our team as ‘mum and dad’ figures as well as support for our young people needing care, direction, and support to grow in their independence and social skills. 

Blessing Machokoto

Care Worker/Shift Leader

I come from Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. I love sports, gym, history and watching animal documentaries. I speak 3 different languages fluently. Prior to joining Wonderland, I worked in finance in Melbourne before deciding to work with people as I was more passionate about making a change in people’s lives. 

Abhi Nojal

Care Worker

My background studies are in Business Administration and security working in emergency hospitals and mental health. After that I knew I wanted to work in disability support and I’m really enjoying it.

Alan Rowe

Care Worker

Alan has been working in the building and supply industry but has moved to support work in recent times. Alan’s wonderful sense of humour and good nature makes him a favourite with young people and all team members. Underneath the mirth is a great big heart!

Waqar Akhter

Senior Care Worker

Waqar has been with Wonderland for almost a year starting out on placement from his Cert III in Individual Support. Waqar has continued his studies currently working on his Diploma of Community Services as well as working hard with our participants. Waqar’s gentle nature and kindness makes him popular with our young participants and all our staff.

Jessica Bertels

Senior Care Worker

Jess is an active ‘caver’ and has taken groups of young people on wild caving adventures and has a natural leadership capacity. Jess understands disability having supported close family members. Jess is quick thinking, energetic and a great role model for our young people at Wonderland. Jess knows how to fix just about anything!

Georgia Hoskings

Care Worker

Georgia has a Certificate III in Education Support and comes to Disability Support Work with fresh enthusiasm. Georgia brings fun and great support to our young women.

Jagdeep Singh Sidhu

Care Worker/Key Worker

Jagdeep has been a support worker for two years and has moved to Launceston from Melbourne 6 months ago. Jagdeep is fun and caring and is popular with our young men. Jagdeep was quite famous in Melbourne as a stage host. He’s really a funny guy!

Care Worker

Anita Rowlands

I love arts, crafts, and cooking. I have raised 5 children so I’m great at playing games and entertaining young people. I love working as a support carer.

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Patrick Lawton

Care Worker

Patrick’s previous experience was as a Shift Leader at Hungry Jack’s and is used to fast-paced work and positive customer contact. Patrick is a great team player and has moved to Disability Support Work after completing a qualification in Individual Support. Patrick loves mentoring young guys and leads by example in respectful and responsible behaviour.

Priscilla (Pil Soon) Jennings

Care Worker.

Priscilla has worked in multicultural teams for many years during her period of Christian ministry. She has occupied leadership roles in an international team of ex-pats in Mongolia and is currently on the leadership team at Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies. Priscilla is a people person who is very hospitable and loves spending time meeting people, encouraging people, and mentoring young adults. The opportunity to spend time walking alongside young people at Wonderland is both exciting and fulfilling.

Milly (Millicent) Koskei

Care Worker

I am from Kenya. I have 3 years working within the disability industry and a background in accounting. I love reading, relaxing watching moves, and eating out.

Kristie McLaren

Care Worker

My work background is in client services and administrative roles at the University of Tasmania. Qualified Library Technician and worked in UTAS library for 23 years. Worked as a support worker for a year & enjoy making people smile and be happy. Love being a mother to two teenage children.

SP Singh

Care Worker

I’ve worked in the health sector for the past three and a half years. I have a positive mindset and a helping & fun nature. I am currently supporting young people and working with the fantastic and caring team at Wonderland.

Joseph Miller

Care Worker

Joseph works in disability support at a number of agencies as well as in Wonderland. Joseph brings a lot of fun activities to the group!

Florian Reinig

Senior Care Worker (on leave currently)

Florian is a trained nurse and has a strong history in disability support. Florian is keen to provide mentoring support to young guys.

Lindy Lane

Care Worker

Lindy is an experienced care worker who lives in Westbury supporting our participants in Westbury and Deloraine.

Sandeep Adhikari

Care Worker


Rob & Toni Mehigan

Managers – Wonderland Community Services

Toni – Psychologist and Rob – Disability Support Teacher/ex-principal manage the service. Currently, Rob and Toni reside in North Queensland managing Pirates Rest and visit the team regularly to ensure that Wonderland continues to provide an excellent service. Weekly management meetings by Zoom means that the two services are connected.

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